We are absolutely thrilled to bring you some exciting news today. As Quality PM, Inc. continues to grow, we have been lucky enough to continually attract top talent to contribute to our team. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing our newest carpenter and team member, Kevin Pierce. Kevin is a master of his craft and brings with him an impressive resume that spans nearly 20 years. We think he is the perfect fit to aid us in our mission to ensure everyone comes home to quality.

Who is Kevin Pierce?

“I am a Carpenter and a Remodeler. It’s been pretty much all I’ve ever done. Straight out of High School, my dad taught and trained me as his apprentice. I worked with him for many years until he retired. Since then, I’ve worked for various companies learning everything I can about carpentry and other construction trades.”

What about our team made you want to be a part of it?

“I wanted to work for a company that did higher-end jobs. And the homes, kitchens, and bathrooms that Quality PM does really interested me. Also, I hate the heat, so not having to work outside is a plus! But seriously, I am a meticulous worker. I try to do the best job possible. Quality PM values that, and that’s important to me.”

What’s the best piece of carpentry advice you’ve been given?

“Basically, you can always learn something from anybody, no matter who it is. So always listen before you speak, and you might learn something new.”

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