Why Rebrand to Quality Design & Remodel?

Quality PM, Inc. has led an impressive journey from its founding in 2003. Starting as a small property management company, we are now an award-winning design and remodeling firm. After 20 years, we’ve felt it was time for the next chapter in the story of Quality PM, Inc.

A New Chapter Begins

This new chapter (the rebranding initiative) is a symbolic gesture and a strategic imperative. Symbolically, it shows our team, partners, suppliers, and clients that we are fully committed to design and remodeling excellence. Strategically, it paves the way for Quality Design & Remodel’s growth in the home remodeling industry and enhances the recognition to potential clients as a premier design and remodel firm.

Ultimately, we are rebranding because the Quality PM, Inc. name didn’t communicate who we are or what we do. So, by changing our name, we will now be widely recognized as a design and remodel firm.

Reasons for the Rebrand

For over two decades we’ve built a diverse portfolio encompassing many services (new construction, home sales, apartment rentals, vacation rentals, commercial leasing, property management, and home remodeling). With these services, we’ve flourished and have emerged as a respected leader in the Capital Region. But there was one downside to this business model. With the addition of each service, our identity of who we were became more obscured. This was a problem because since 2015, the heart of our business has been in home remodeling, but to the public that wasn’t obvious. To solve this problem, we decided to rebrand ourselves to who we know we are: a quality designer and remodeler.

    • Industry Leaders
      Gregg Biche’s role as 2020 president of the CRBRA (and current board member) has positioned us as an industry leader deserving of a well-defined brand that reflects its preeminence.

    • Adding a Design Team

      Our remodeling services now include includes a full-service design process with a Design Team with over 20 years of experience. This rebrand will highlight this addition, ensuring that the firm’s dual expertise is accurately represented.

    • Expanding into the Capital Region

      We plan on helping more homeowners than ever before come home to quality. And to do this we must be seen as a remodeler to new audiences at first glance. The rebranding will ensure when people see our name, they’ll know exactly what we do.

    • Our Core Business
      For a very long time our core business was remodeling. And since 2015, we’ve been long overdue for a name change that more accurately represents who we are: a design and remodeling firm.