Our Workplace

The Quality Design & Remodel team is made up of people who get things done. We believe that if we’re going to do something, let’s do it well. And if we don’t do it well, we find a way to improve. This belief has allowed us to continue bringing our clients home to quality for over 20 years.

Communication is essential to our culture. Whether attending regular team meetings, responding quickly to client inquiries, or sharing new ideas on ways to improve, we foster an environment for strong communication. We believe that it is imperative for handling large-scale remodeling and new construction projects.

Respect is earned but can also be given. We treat all clients, employees, and vendors in a polite, friendly, and respectful manner. Internally, we respect Quality Design & Remodel by being responsible for efficiently using the company’s time, labor, and materials, and when problems arise, we work together as a team to fix them.

Teamwork is the key to success. Every team member works together to achieve Quality Design & Remodel’s goal to organize, professionalize, and simplify the complex task that is home remodeling. Together, as a team, we ensure all of our clients come home to quality.