Quality Design & Remodel uses 3D renderings to help our clients bring their dream remodel out of their minds and into reality, virtual reality. We’ve found that using renderings vastly improves nearly every phase of our projects. Communicating with clients, visualizing selections, planning layouts, answering questions, and much more all come from our use of this technology.

As part of most Quality Design & Remodel remodeling projects, we use powerful software to create 3D renderings for our client’s spaces.

The process begins when all of the selections are made, and the initial layout is approved. We then take all of this information and upload the designs to architectural software. For the next few days, we essentially complete the remodeling project but in a virtual environment. Lighting, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and everything else you can think of is uploaded into a fully interactive space.

To review the rendering, we invite clients to our Design Center so that we can walk through the virtual space together. Going over every detail so that when it comes time to start building, everyone is on the same page.

In short, our rendering services offer an invaluable experience for our clients. Clients used to have to look at a hodgepodge of samples, blueprints, and spec sheets just to try and piece together a vague image of how their project would look. But now, seeing a design come to life is easy with our technology and the other benefits it comes is simply amazing.

Get Actual Answers

Not sure if a countertop will match with the backsplash or how the layout of a room will look with a wall removed? Remodeling creates a lot of questions like these that used to only be answered after the project was completed. But thanks to our rendering services, you can get answers instantly, even if the questions change.

Make Changes Quickly

With a few keystrokes, you can replace 500 sqft of tile flooring with hardwood or chrome handles to your cabinets with stainless steel. In real-life, changes like these would be timely and costly. But with renderings, it’s a quick change that makes designing confidently easy.

Be Confident from Day One

Because of our rendering services, our clients feel confident in their design choices before construction even begins. Everyone is on the same page and knows how things will look. The only downside is that the “wow factor” of seeing a finished remodel for the first time is slightly diminished.

From start to finish, our renderings act as a visual guide, ensuring you come home to quality. And we can do this because our project rendering services are integrated into our overall process.

  1. Initial Conceptualization: We create an initial 3D rendering to help you visualize what the remodeled space will look like.
  2. Design Development: Once you’ve decided on a direction for your remodel, we start adding to details to the rendering. This can include everything from choosing paint colors and finishes to planning where to place furniture.
  3. Selections: Once we begin working with vendors, these renderings put everyone on the same page. Additionally, these professionals can look at the renderings and give you suggestions for modifications or improvements to your plan, which can then be visualized using the 3D model.
  4. Construction: During the construction phase, the 3D renderings serve as a guide for the contractors, helping them understand the end goal. Any changes that need to be made during construction can be reflected in the 3D model to help maintain the visual guide and keep you in the loop.

Example 3D Renderings for an Entire Project

We prefer showing over telling. So, for all of our bigger projects, we create 3D renderings of every room. That way our clients can visualize exactly how their remodel will look. Check out this video to view the renderings for one of our most recent projects.

From Rendering to Reality

A before and after of a remodeling project is one of our favorite things to witness. And a close second is seeing a 3D rendering of a project compared to it’s real life counterpart. Below are some of our best examples of how we turn a render into reality!

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Bathroom Rendering 80hlBathroom Reality 80hr E1685720482554
Kitchen Rendering 12hl

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