We’re thrilled to welcome Rodney Schur as our latest team member, stepping into the brand new role of Production Manager. Rodney’s arrival couldn’t be more timely as it aligns perfectly with our rapid growth trajectory in 2024. Over the coming months, as Rodney gets fully integrated, he’s poised to substantially impact our production processes. His expertise will be particularly invaluable with our warranties, providing exceptional guidance to clients navigating any issues.

Who is Rodney Schur?

“I grew up on a small… let’s call it a farm, in Mayfield, in the Adirondack Mountains. It’s a really great place to live. Then I went to college. Enjoyed that. Got married. Had kids. Then a bunch of stuff happened (haha). Anyway, I’m a down-to-earth person who likes football and working with my hands.”

What’s your role here?

“I’m the Production Manager. Gregg brought me in to get the production side of the business squared away. You know, things out in the field and on the project site. I’m supposed to see where there’s issues, fix them and when things are on track, make sure they stay that way. I also handle the stuff that our General Manager doesn’t usually get the time to do, like going onsite to looking at things in-person or taking care of the entire warranty process.”

How’s your first month been?

“Redemption. I really enjoy coming here. I know it’s early, but there’s a good core of people here which is part of the reason that I wanted to come here. I have been in places that have 82% turnover ratio and it’s a brutal, brutal spot to be in. You don’t want that.”

What’s the main goal you’d like to accomplish?

“You know, the biggest thing for me is to make sure everyone involved in production is on the same page. Things like, when a contract is made, does it allow enough time for our team to do quality work? When someone in the field submits an invoice, does accounting know what it’s for right away? When a client asks our Design Team how something is going to be built, will they have the right answer?”

Any fun facts?

“I used to have a beef jerky business. Just before COVID, it was doing great. I sold it to 46 different states, including Puerto Rico and Canada. It was almost to the point of having to hire people, but when COVID hit, it was just too much. The cost of everything just escalated, so I had to shut it down. I still make it but it’s more of a part time thing, something to do for fun.”

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