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New-World Kitchen Remodel with Old-World Charm

The homeowners of this cape-style residence wanted a newly remodeled kitchen that felt like it had always been part of the original home. By carefully selecting finishes and features that reflect a natural, earthy aesthetic, we created a space that feels timeless.

At the start of this kitchen remodel, the shape of the kitchen didn’t allow for an island. A feature the homeowners desperately wanted. To overcome this, we engineered a unique solution, a waterfall edge countertop that drops down from the kitchen into the family room. By doing this, we created a stunning feature that not only replaces the need for an island but adds a dramatic visual appeal to the space.

Throughout the entire space you’ll find homages to our past. Wallpaper accents, aged oak flooring, and matching brushed gold finishes on all hardware and fixtures. The gold finishes in particular really tie the entire space together because of how prevalent they are especially with the custom railings of the kitchen’s floating shelves and the golden footrail under the bar top.

While the overall design aimed for an old-timey feel, the homeowners were keen on not compromising on modern conveniences. We seamlessly integrated top-of-the-line appliances from GE’s luxury Café line into the design, ensuring they blend in without detracting from the nostalgic charm.

And, of course, the entire kitchen remodel is adorned with three-tone custom-built cabinets from Zarrillo’s. Our two favorite cabinet sections are right next to each other. Thanks to thoughtful cabinet design, the pantry was expertly designed to maximize storage space. And on the opposite side of the wall, there is a beverage station that is charmingly quaint. It’s strategically placed for convenience, perfect for grabbing a quick snack or coffee before the homeowners start their days.

This kitchen remodel is a perfect example of how you can blend old-world charm with modern luxury. Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or simply seeking inspiration, this project demonstrates the possibilities of thoughtful, rustic design.


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Slingerlands, NY 12159


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