Earlier this month, our Marketing Manager (Antonio Chabrier) traveled to Las Vegas to participate in NAHB’s International Builder’s Show (IBS). It was four full days of everything you could imagine that had to do with home remodeling. He took classes, visited hundreds of booths, and represented Quality Design & Remodel at the 2023 NAHB Awards held at the Las Vegas National Golf Club. The event is NAHB’s way of celebrating its members who innovate and excel at remodeling. The awards cover all projects, including home kitchen, bath, whole house remodel, aging-in-place, outdoor living space, and more. The following were the awards we were fortunate enough to win.

Best Home Kitchen Remodel (Under $150k)

Judging Criteria: Evidence of superior craftsmanship, innovative use of materials, and a highly functional floor plan of a kitchen remodel that cost under $150k.

Project Description: This kitchen remodel brought the entire home together, emphasizing an open-concept design that fostered family interaction. The project turned formerly disjointed spaces into an integrated hub of connectivity. The generously proportioned island and strategically placed 10ft countertop enable unobstructed views and interactions between living spaces. The project’s attention to detail, using black accents and fixtures to symbolize pathways, showcases design innovation.

Best Home Bathroom Remodel

Judging Criteria: Addresses the needs and desires of the client and shows innovative changes to classic bathroom features.

Project Description: Marrying functionality with unparalleled luxury, this design is a symphony of meticulous details, from the connecting strip of black tiles between the designer tub and dual-entry walk-in shower to the golden fixtures that lend a touch of opulence. Not just aesthetically pleasing, the bathroom boasts of innovation with heated floors, ensuring comfort at every step. The hardwood vanity speaks to
timeless elegance, while the dimmable chandelier provides a customizable ambiance for every mood.

NAHB Remodelers Award Video 2024

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