Earlier this month, the Quality PM Team attended the Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association (CRBRA) Best in Building Awards Ceremony. The ceremony is an event that celebrates the pinnacle of craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence in the building and remodeling industry for the Capital Region. It not only honors the remarkable talents of designers, remodelers, and builders but also serves as a barometer for the latest trends and standards in our industry. For remodelers like us, winning at this ceremony is an honor that signifies leadership and excellence within the Capital Region’s vibrant building community. This year, we were fortunate enough to win a total of six awards.

Crbra Awards

Best Primary Bathroom Remodel ($50k – $100k)

Judging Criteria: Best creative approach, aesthetic appeal, and functional value of a primary bathroom remodel that cost between $50k – $100k.

Project Description: For big families, having a private primary bathroom for the Mr. and Mrs. is a must. But it’s not just about privacy. It’s more about creating a relaxing oasis for the two to enjoy while they prepare for or wind down from daily life. Every detail in this bathroom remodel is a testament to modern convenience in a spa-like environment designed for two.

Best Interior Design of a Private Residence

Judging Criteria: Best innovative use of space, seamless integrations of form and function, and attention to detail in a full home remodel.

Project Partners: Mary Frances Ford of Monarch Hill Interior Design & Zarrillo’s Custom Design Kitchens

Project Description: The homeowners wanted this remodel to modernize the functionality, spatial use, and accessibility of their home. But do it in such a way that stays true to the original architect’s period-appropriate design decisions. This (seemingly paradoxical) modernized historical remodel became a reality by using original pieces still in the house as inspiration. And now this home and its owner can relish its return to glory.

Best Special Use Space Remodel

Judging Criteria: Best creative approach, aesthetic appeal, perceived value, marketability, and functional value of a remodeled special use room such as a laundry room, mudroom, wine cellar, play room, coffee bar, home gym, etc.

Project Partners: Mary Frances Ford of Monarch Hill Interior Design & Zarrillo’s Custom Design Kitchens

Project Description: Combining a laundry room, mud room, and dog bath into one offers an efficient way to manage home chores and storage space. But that’s not all it has to offer. When designed with heart and soul, it can turn a room relegated to the “dirty work” of the home into a space that beams exuberant energy, just like this remodel has done.

Best Promotional Materials

Judging Criteria: Best creative use of information, strategies related to target market, cohesiveness, goals and results for any promotional materials such as a postcard, print advertisement, brochure, billboard, etc.

Project Description: The Quality PM Team will do everything they can to help guide homeowners through their remodel. But as a homeowner, preparing your home before the project begins is vital to ensure a smooth process for everyone. To help with that preparation, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to preparing for a remodel. It’s a small 8-page booklet that includes everything a homeowner needs to know or do before our team comes to their home to start their remodel.

Best TV or Online Video Ad

Judging Criteria: Best technical production, concept, script, creativity, and appropriateness for target market in a TV commercial or online video advertisement.

Project Description: As Quality PM refined who we were as a company, we adapted our TV strategy to reach their preferred audience. We used research from over three years of past client data to find and focus on this audience. What we found is that our clientele wanted to use a remodeler who had lots of experience, kept them informed throughout the remodel, understood their lifestyle, and stayed on time and budget. So, we packaged each of these wants into a streamlined commercial that delivered this new message in less than 30 seconds!

Best Use of Social Media

Judging Criteria: Best concept or strategy, design elements, execution and results in a social media campaign.

Project Description: Remodelers often rely on showcasing completed projects for social media engagement. However, depending on that for content can be problematic because remodeling takes months, and waiting each time limits content frequency. But by using “Reels” to capture the entire remodeling journey, Quality PM engages audiences consistently throughout the process. This approach of highlighting every step in the process boosted our social views and engagement by over 30%!

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