Marrying Design with Function

This year’s IBS proved to be an exciting event for industry giant Kohler. They came out showcasing a plethora of innovative products. So innovative, in fact, that some people may call them unnecessary. Because many homeowners want a simple relationship between design and function. With the majority of the attention on function. But the problem is kitchens and baths have been around forever, so their function is well established and frankly can be quite boring if left alone. Thankfully, as one of the leading brands in kitchen and bath design, Kohler consistently pushes the boundaries of and advocates for design in this relationship.  The following are just some of the most groundbreaking products that we thought will change how the marriage of design and function will live and interact in our home environments.

Where did my faucet go?

Some people love their countertops so much that they don’t want anything on them. No dishes, no coffee maker, no decorations, no… faucet? Kohler made this quirky (possibly obsessive) want a reality by releasing a ceiling-mounted faucet! The Kohler Purist Suspend is a one-of-a-kind faucet design mounted on the ceiling with a pivoting arm that can be adjusted up or down to any preferred hanging height. Its swing arm offers 180 degrees of rotation, allowing homeowners unparalleled reach. They can even use this faucet as another shower. Joking aside, this is a seriously innovative product that we were excited to see at IBS 2023.

The smartest toilet in the world.

Everyone’s best friend has been a toilet at least once in their life. And we all like to have smart friends so Kohler put two and two together. They introduced the 2.0 version of their smart toilet, Numi at IBS 2023. This thing has wifi, led programmable lights, Amazon’s Alexa, UV Cleaning, a bidet, motion controls, automatic opening and closing, speakers, and a deodorization system. You’d think it’s the toilet someone from the future would own, except for the fact that it’s available right now.

Be bold again

“The Bold Look of Kohler” (think the “bold look of color”) was Kohler’s 1960’s marketing campaign. People were beginning to personalize their homes to their tastes and color was arguably the biggest part of that. So at IBS 2023, Kohler paid homage to their campaign by bringing its product back in a fresh, modern way. They held a contest last year where they allowed people to vote on their favorite colors from the past. And they unveiled the winners (Spring Green and Peachblow) at their exhibit. We aren’t sure when the products will be available, but Kohler said they should be released later this year.