Now that we are almost halfway through the year, I thought it would be an excellent time to review the kitchen remodeling trends I am seeing in 2024. I like what I see so far because this year’s remodeling trends are an exciting blend of entertainment, personality, and big changes from conventional thinking. We’ve even implemented some of these into QDR’s kitchen remodels, which the homeowners absolutely love.

To be or not to be… a dining room.

Classic colonial-style homes always have the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. But families in 2024 are using them less and less. Because of this, a standout trend in 2024 is the transformation of dining rooms into other spaces. For instance, I had a recent remodel where we took a 250sqft dining room and most of that space to the new kitchen and the rest into a beautiful walk-in hidden pantry. I like this trend because it’s functional for the homeowner, and it’s ironically funny. You’d think larger families would value the dining room more and be the ones to keep it during a remodel, but it turns out they are the ones embracing this trend the most. They value having a secondary space like a pantry that can be used for many things like food management, laundry, and even an office.

Multi-tone Cabinets

I mentioned in last year’s post about kitchen trends that two-tone cabinets were becoming popular. Well, this year, we’ve gone even further! Bold uses of color like deep blues and greens mixed with natural elements like wood are creating cabinet schemes with upwards of four different finishes. I’ve had quite a few clients already outfit their kitchens with color combinations that haven’t been seen before. I love that homeowners are becoming more comfortable with the experimentation of cabinet finishes. Although white cabinet kitchens are still the norm, I’m happy that this trend is gaining even more momentum in 2024.

Beverage Stations

I like to call these AMPM Stations when I work with my clients because they are perfect for coffee in the morning and wine after work! Jokes aside, these beverage stations are trending in 2024 because of two main reasons. People realize they want easy access to the kitchen for the things they use the most without using the “whole” kitchen. Having everything you need daily in one spot makes life easier, especially for families. Also, these stations are great for entertaining guests because they keep them out of the cooking area during gatherings. That’s why you’ll usually see these beverage stations at the edge of the kitchen, connecting it with another room.

Are you trending?

Similar to 2023, the kitchen remodeling trends of 2024 are about reflecting homeowner personalities. The one difference I see is that homeowners are more ok with making the space work smarter for their needs. They’re not afraid to make their home uniquely theirs, even if that means making drastic changes away from what’s considered “the norm.” I think that that is beautiful.

If you’d like to talk more about 2024 trends or you want to start planning your next kitchen remodel, email me at or call 518.459.7100.