Determining what colors to center your remodel around can be tough for a homeowner. There’s literally an infinite amount of colors to choose from. So, I (Nicole Gurney – Project Designer) thought it would be helpful to answer one of the more common questions our clients ask. “What colors should I use for my remodel?”

Rather than go down the ‘Color Theory’ rabbit hole, I thought it’d be best to answer this question through the eyes of our clients, aka homeowners who love the Capital Region. Because amidst the vibrant landscapes of Upstate New York, particularly in the Capital Region, the blend of nature and history has carved a unique style in the homes of this area. So, let’s dive in as we explore the distinctive palettes that resonate with homeowners in this storied region.

From the Hudson to the Adirondacks

Our natural landmarks are what distinguish us from the rest of New York. The majestic beauty of natural landmarks such as the Hudson River and the Adirondack Mountains deeply influences local aesthetics and culture. Many homes in the region reflect this inspiration, adopting rustic and nature-inspired designs.

  • River and Lake Blues
    • Soft sky blues can be paired with white to create a light, airy, refreshing ambiance akin to a clear sky over the Hudson. Deeper navy tones add a touch of elegance and can work beautifully in a bedroom setting, offering a rich backdrop that promotes relaxation and tranquility, just like you were on the shores of Lake George.
  • Mountain Forest Greens
    • Mossy greens can introduce a touch of the outdoors in indoor spaces, providing a fresh and natural atmosphere that’s calm and soothing. Sage, a gray-green hue, carries a gentle, muted tone that can give a room a tranquil, sophisticated vibe, perfect for creating the peaceful sanctuary one would find camping in the Adirondacks.

Reflecting the Changing Landscapes

We truly experience all four seasons here. Snow-covered winters, blossom-filled springs, scorching hot summers, and rustic-colored falls. The cyclical transformation of nature we experience has hada profound influence on interior design.

  • Autumnal Tones
    • Deep oranges and browns can create a feel reminiscent of a fantastic fall evening by a fire. Warm yellows can bring a harmonious and balanced look when paired with neutral tones, encapsulating the picturesque autumnal landscapes of the Capital Region in your home’s interiors.
  • Spring Hues
    • Soft pinks can evoke the blooming cherry blossoms, introducing a tender, romantic vibe into your interior spaces. Lilacs and buttery yellows echo the early spring blooms, offering a refreshing and optimistic backdrop that rejuvenates the spirit and enhances the daylight’s natural glow in your home.

Upstate’s Historic Past

The story of the Capital Region is one of great reverence and sophistication.  These distinct characteristics played a significant role in the interior and architectural designs of our past.

  • Victorian Pastels
    • Lavender offers a touch of romance and can be paired wonderfully with vintage furniture and white accents to create a delicate, charming space. Mint green evokes a fresh and revitalizing aura, working well in kitchens and bathrooms to offer a clean, bright look that energizes the senses.
  • Rich Reds
    • Deep maroon and burgundy signified sophistication and wealth. They were frequently utilized in grand parlors, libraries, and dining rooms. Rich reds were a popular choice for upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, and decorative accents like drapes and carpets. They often stood in contrast to the gilded accents and dark wood furniture typical of the Victorian period.

Embracing Modernity

By integrating contemporary shades with the time-honored palettes of our region, you can craft spaces that are both rooted in our local identity and attuned to modern sensibilities.

  • Sleek Grays
    • Sleek grays can serve as a neutral backdrop, enhancing the vibrancy of colorful accents and artwork. The versatility of gray allows it to be either warming or cooling, adapting effortlessly to different lighting and complementing a wide range of the color palettes already found in Capital Region homes.
  • Charcoal Blacks
    • Charcoal blacks evokes a modern aesthetic, contrasting beautifully with the Capital Region’s lush, natural landscapes. This powerful color, often used in accents, furnishings, or feature walls, adds depth and drama, grounding spaces while offering a contemporary edge to both rustic and minimalist interiors.

Crafting Unique Interiors in Upstate New York

Ultimately choosing a color scheme is based on personal preference. But I hope by showcasing the colors found in homes of the Capital Region, you and other homeowners can craft interiors that are vibrant, harmonious, and deeply connected to the locale’s unique charm and history. Because let’s face it, we love this area and that’s why we’ve decided to make our homes here.