To homeowners in New York’s Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, and others), the concept of a whole home remodel can mean different things to different people. Some may envision a simple refresh with a coat of paint and new furniture, while others anticipate a full-scale transformation, encompassing everything from structural layout changes to whole additions. Given these variations, the associated costs can understandably fluctuate significantly. As experts in remodeling, our team at Quality PM is here to shed light on the potential expenses involved. We’ll explore everything from room-specific remodels to the general cost dynamics across various cities within the Capital Region.

Capital Region Home Remodeling Costs at a Glance

Here’s a super quick overview of what you should expect to pay for a full home remodel in the Capital Region. The average remodeling cost for your entire home can range between $300K to $1M+. The pricing is mostly influenced by these main factors: property value, location, and the scope of the work being done. No matter what you end up spending on the remodel, you should expect a recoup cost of between 30% and 70% on the sale of your home.

Deep Dive into Home Remodeling Costs

Here, we break the broad figures from above into specific room estimates, providing a clearer budget picture. For an exact estimate tailored to your home, please reach out to the Quality PM Team here. We offer personalized consultations, ensuring you have full clarity on your next remodeling project.

  • Bathroom: A bathroom remodel typically includes a new shower, tub, vanity, flooring, plumbing, and electrical and can cost between $35K-$75K+
  • Bathroom Addition: To add a full bathroom or en-suite to your home (depending on the bathroom’s dimensions and the chosen finishes), you might be looking at costs ranging from $60K-$110K+.
  • Kitchen: The remodeling costs of a kitchen are hard to pinpoint. They can be extensive, from updating finishes and appliances to restructuring the entire layout. In the Capital Region, a kitchen overhaul can cost anywhere between $100K to $200K+, contingent on various elements. Popular additions in kitchen remodels that affect this pricing include:
    • A kitchen island
    • A walk-in pantry
    • Custom wood cabinets
    • Professional-grade appliances
    • Designer-selected lighting, plumbing, and hardware
  • Kitchen Expansion: If your current kitchen space isn’t sufficient, expanding its footprint might be the answer. For a comprehensive kitchen remodel and expansion, anticipate costs starting at $200K.
  • New Addition: Older homes might lack space, so building a new addition to your home may be the perfect solution. New additions in the Capital Region start at $150K.
  • Basement: In the Capital Region, homeowners looking to transform this often-underutilized space will find that the costs of a basement remodel can range from $100K to over $400K. Several factors drive this variation, including the basement’s size, moisture or foundational issues, and the complexity of the design.

The above price ranges are just estimates based on market data in the Capital Region. For an exact assessment tailored to your space, it’s recommended to consult with us so we can provide you with a detailed breakdown of your home remodeling costs.

Comparing Home Remodeling Costs in Prominent Capital Region Neighborhoods

Circling back to whole home remodeling costs, we thought it would be better to offer a more nuanced view of remodeling expenses based on some of the Capital Region’s largest cities.

  • Albany: As the historic capital of New York, Albany boasts a blend of vintage charm and modern vibrancy. Home remodeling costs in this central hub typically span from $175K to over $350K. The presence of historic homes can often mean specialized renovations, pushing prices toward the upper end.
  • Bethlehem/Delmar: This is one of the larger suburbs of the Capital Region. Homes here may see remodeling expenses ranging from $200K to over $500K.
  • Clifton Park: Known for its family-friendly vibe and the largest school district in the area, Clifton Park’s entire home remodeing costs typically fall between $250K to over $600K.
  • Colonie: This suburb usually sees full home remodels costing between $225K to over $450K. The presence of both classic and modern homes can vary the extent of the renovations needed.
  • Guilderland: As a mix of rural and suburban, Guilderland homes often have unique remodeling challenges and advantages. Costs for renovations generally lie between $175K to over $400K, with the age and location of the property playing a significant role in cost determination.
  • Schenectady: Schenectady houses the most extensive properties in the Capital Region. And for that reason, home remodeling costs in this area fluctuate from $150K to over $500K.
  • Saratoga Springs: Celebrated internationally for its mineral springs and horse racing, Saratoga Springs is considered one of the most sought-after locations to live. Remodeling costs here, on average, are the highest in the Capital Region. $300K to over $750K. The city’s upscale properties and those near the famed racetracks or springs may see prices soar even higher, given their unique architectural or locational demands.
  • Troy: Often referred to as the “Collar City” due to its rich history in shirt manufacturing, Troy offers a mixture of classic brownstones and newer residences. Whole home remodeling costs here are generally between $200K to $500K. The city’s riverfront properties and older homes can occasionally command higher renovation expenses, especially when preserving their original allure.

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