If you have a remodeling project in mind in 2020, you probably know some of the bases to cover when reviewing a contractor: years of experience, insurance, and references are just a few.

But, think about how a project can potentially disrupt your life. Does your contractor have experience handling large scale projects with minimal disruption? 

Dramatic results without drastic disorder

At Quality PM, we believe it’s our responsibility to deliver quality work, on time, on budget, and without turning your world upside down. We’ve all lived through major personal home remodels, so we know it’s never fun to come home to a contractor’s mess. 

Innovation to keep projects clean

Over many years of handling all types of remodeling jobs, we’ve developed several creative ways to minimize the disturbance to your family life. This includes using state of the art technology HEPA filters with our BuildClean systems to keep unwanted dust from leaving the contained work area of our projects.

We work hard to get your job done, but never at the expense of your comfort. It’s one reason our customers choose to Come Home to Quality. Contact Quality PM, Inc. for your next project — we’re more than ready to answer all of your questions.